Land & Planning

One of the key aspects of our business is buying and selling land for our clients. Purchasing high-quality and sought-after land through private and public notification and Land Agents.

We help our clients ascertain the true value of their land holding through a simple but defined Residual Land Model. This has been developed on a highly refined library of supply chain costs, not out turn, or estimated costs, that are artificially inflated by the inefficiencies embedded in the design and delivery process.

Whilst the Latham Report is nearly two and a half decades old, its conclusion that we waste 40% in everything that we do, in an adversarial way, incapable of delivering for its customer, from inception to completion, is regrettably as true now as it was then.

In response to the Governments 2025 challenge to the Construction Industry we are now using Modular Housing Processes and Costs to secure land. This provides for 70% of the construction process to be manufactured off site, delivers it 40% quicker and 30% cheaper.

With a team of professional and experienced consultants, we will ensure that the Planning Application submitted on your behalf has been thoroughly tested and challenged against the Planned Policies of the Local Planning Authority, that it is compliant in all respects, meets the rigours and scrutiny of the general public and is viable and deliverable in the timescales required.  Our land negotiators will then either secure consent or, if necessary, appeal any refusal and/or non-determination.

The size and nature of the developments we undertake range massively, from standard 2 storey housing to high rise mixed-use urban regeneration projects and modular construction and housing schemes, that frequently include substantial amounts of on and off-site infrastructure. Our Architects, Allies and Morrison and John Thompson and Partners etc., are synonymous with the size and complexity of the projects that we have and will deliver.

Our drive is to significantly increase the volumes of home owner completions and commercial space on strategically sourced land for all our clients by delivering it in an innovative and sustainable way that draws on the engineering excellence within the UK.