About Us

In a hugely competitive market, we specialise in providing private and public companies and investment funds with a suite of bespoke, project specific, fully integrated, multi-disciplined services. In response to the ever-changing and challenging face of the planning process, we now specialise in developing programmes that unlock sites that were previously unviable.

Priding ourselves on delivering market leading developments, across all sectors, we work tirelessly with our clients to define and deliver processes, protocols and strategies that increase asset value and development returns. In doing so we create the platform for true collaboration.

Supported by a team of specialist consultants, we provide expertise across a significant range of residential and construction projects, covering every type and complexity, delivered to the highest standards possible.

Our Services Include:

  • Land and Planning
  • Project Management
  • Infrastructure Delivery
  • Cost Planning and Control
  • Design and Procurement

Successful commercial and residential property development is defined by obtaining the maximum potential value out of any given asset.  With world class capabilities, our residential and commercial development teams work closely with our clients, landowners, developers and contractors, of all sizes, advising and managing risk, feasibility, viability and delivery.

By operating an Integrated Business Model and embracing the challenges laid down by the Latham Report of 1994 and the Governments 2025 vision for the Construction Industry, supported by Modular Construction, we want to work with the most prestigious private and public organisations in the country. Being a responsible business means being honest about the consequences of our actions, as a result we will always explore new and better ways of minimizing the negatives and maximising the positives, engineering superior build quality that efficiently delivers sustainable growth for all our clients. In return, our value proposition is that we will make our fees cost neutral to all our clients.

For more information on our services, email us on [email protected] and one of our advisors will be more than happy to help.

Meet the Team

Doug Gillespie
Special Projects Advisor

James Hope
Infrastructure Partner

Jim Dennis
Founder and Managing Director

Mike Naxton
Programme and Forensic Claims Specialist

Tim Goulding
Civil Engineering Procurement and Claims Specialist