Infrastructure Delivery

There is now a greater demand than there has ever been for new and replacement infrastructure to meet the growing demands of our communities and the industry’s desire to bring forward larger and more complicated redevelopment programmes.

At Integrated and Vertically Aligned Solutions, we have a long and established track record of delivering efficient and cost-effective infrastructure, supporting all forms and types of development, all with their own specific goals and objectives.

This comes at a time when the industry continues to suffer, exponentially, with a skills gap in every aspect of the infrastructure supply chain, from design through procurement and delivery. Committed to overcoming this, I.V.A.S. offer a turn-key, design and build infrastructure development service. With the support of two significant construction partners, we can deliver projects from any point along the delivery chain, whether this be from securing planning permissions, to design, delivery and handover to the adopting authorities. Our ability to deliver all 5 statutory utility supplies at the point of practical or sectional completion is critical to the delivery process and unique to our offer.

Our multidisciplinary expertise enables us to address the physical, social, environmental and economic aspects of any development in a fully integrated way. With a team of dedicated infrastructure experts, who specialise in design, engineering and off-site manufacturing, we play a significant role to ensure that the developments we deliver are truly integrated into the local communities they effect and do so with the least amount of disruption.

We Provide Expertise On:

  • Engineering, Modern Methods of Construction (M.M.C), Design for Manufacture (DfMA) and Procurement
  • Project Risk and Cost management
  • Programme Management
  • Site Remediation
  • Major Civil Works, including Pile and Deep Foundations, Bridges, Tunnelling and Underground Services etc.
  • Precast and Modular Solutions
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Process Installations
  • Plant and Equipment Management